Ready to go!

I’ve been pondering starting a blog for a good while now.  It’s been months really, but I just couldn’t find the motivation or the proper idea.  There are many fabulous bloggers out there, especially those with a focus on Second Life fashion, and I didn’t know what I could do that would be different.  Of course, everyone tries to be unique but there’s only so many ways to stand out…

I figure that to know me, in any form, is to know all of me.  I’m not just a SL girl, I share a lot of real pictures from my life with friends and even through the more public domain of my flickr account.  That being said, I figure this blog will be a mixture of the two.  I’m shooting for a daily, or as close as I can get to it, updated blog with a taste of both my lives.  I’m also pretty excited about looking back over this in a year’s time and seeing how I’ve grown in each life.

SL Lillian

That being said, perhaps now would be a good time to introduce myself.  I’m Lillian Edwyn in the SL world.  A rather hyper, color loving elf has become my go-to style, but I dabble into the world of fauns and kitties and all things that look cute and exciting.


Skin: Leafy

Lipgloss: Pink Fuel

Hair: Truth

Cardigan: The Whore Mansion

Bra: Luck Inc.

Jeans: Luck Inc.

Heels: Pixel Mode


The RL me doesn’t change all that much in interests, though I have far less funding to afford the fun things my SL world is filled with.  I’m a huge lit nerd with a Bachelor of Arts in English, but have yet to discover a way to get out of retail hell and put it to use. The arts are what drive me, whether it be a good book, piece of music, or film.  They all… move me.  So that is your brief introduction into the world of Lil.


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