Su-su-sucker Punch!

There are many things that I love that I have a hard to explaining.  The smell of an old used book, my love for True Blood and all its filth, and movies like Sucker Punch.  It received a lot of hate from critics, and sometimes I read the reviews and I can’t argue too much against their points.  That being said, I still adore it.  There’s just something about Babydoll and her troop of badass girls in sexy as hell costumes that draws me into the film.  And I can’t say the vivid colors, huge explosions and action packed scenes aren’t just the kinds of shinies that love to hold onto my attention.

I picked up the BluRay from work yesterday and convinced Protest to watch it with me today.  Good times were had, and I tried not to show my little bitch side when the sad scenes came.  Of course, I failed.  So, to make up for my wimp response, I pieced together my Babydoll look once again as a treat for Protest and my lovely readers! ♥

I gotta give pretty much all of the credit for this to Protest.  He found the outfit, found the perfect shoes to match, and even found the background which is a still FROM the movie.  Hooray, Protest, awesome work!  You are the unsung hero behind the scenes. ♥  Thanks for all your help and for putting up with my random nonsense!

Okay, you say.  Quit babbling about your guy, quit giving us your thoughts on film, and tell me where your stuff is from!  Well, ask and you shall receive!


Hair: Truth

Outfit: Sweetest Goodbye

Guns: Carnage

Stockings: *Sheer*

Heels: Shiny Things


2 responses

  1. Very nicely done, mah Lillikins. I am hoping to do something kinda like your pic, but I wanna do a big Final fantasy thing and put together a costume of a chr from each FF 😀

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