RL vs. SL Challenge

Sometimes it amuses me when I compare the RL me to SL Lillian.  Mind you, I change my styles and hair colors far more often in SL.  It’s fun to do when there’s no worries of drying out your hair due to bleaching, haha!  But it got me thinking, and I kinda wondered how many of us look anything like our real life selves when we create our virtual representations.  That being said, I figured I’d try sending out a challenge to people who don’t mind sharing their faces with the community.  Feel free to do as I did, and complete a side by side comparison or even just comment on my blog or flickr with whether or not your two looks favor one another. 🙂

The Challenge!Both of these quick pictures were grabbed today.  Oh yeah, and my RL vs. SL?  Nothing in common, really.  *grins*


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