Summer Skies

Missed a day already.  Maybe this won’t be a daily blog, but I am shooting for frequently updated, at least!  Anyways, it’s one of those hot summer days where you really want to just stay inside or have very cold drinks with lots of shade if you venture out into that Texas heat!  I’m opting for the stay indoors bit, but did go grab some yummy Smirnoff to help as well.  *wink wink*


Hair:  LeLutka *

Ears:  Panda Express

Shirt: Miseria

Jeans: Atomic

Shoes: Absolution

Poses: The Secret Hideout &

*Available now at the Hair Fair

Spending the day relaxing and boozing with the Protest?  It’s a damned fine summer afternoon. ♥  Cute loungers from Artilleri’s Fifty Linden Fridays item of the week!  If you’re a little late, it’s okay.  I just grabbed mine today, oops.


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