Hair Evolution and Truth Love

Though this is not my first avatar in SL, it is my first GOOD avatar in SL.  I remember putting her together, and when I blindly made my stumble into good items on the marketplace.  What is this?  A hair designer named Truth?  And with that I became hooked.  Over the past year and a couple of months I continued to find and develop a love for many other hair brands, but Truth will always be one that I keep up with religiously.  I thought it’d be fun to share a little evolution of the hair colors I’ve chosen over the past year!

It’s kinda funny how it’s gone full circle.  I’ve come back to my original gingers pack, even if I am wearing a different shade now!  On another note, I’m ridiculously excited about this adorable strawberry necklace that Concrete Flowers put out for Lazy Sunday.  It’s like it was made for my blog. *cheesy grin*


Skin: Pink Fuel

Hair: Truth

Top: Mon Tissu

Pants: Ronsem

Shoes: Elikatira

Necklace: Concrete Flowers

Flower: Truth (from Kalia)


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