Rebel Rebel

Sometime I believe that I was meant to be a teenager during the 80s.  Screaming band members names, wearing big jackets, wearing teased up big hair and trying to get backstage?  Yes, please!  Like many girls who grew up on a steady diet of Labyrinth, I have a fascination with David Bowie.  Today I caught “Rebel, Rebel” on the radio and have been inspired to bring you today’s post!


Hair: Truth

Skin: League

Makeup: :: YaYo :: (mascara) & Pink Fuel (lipstick)

Choker: Blitzed

Finger tape: Luck Inc

Dress: Luck Inc

Jacket: Grasp

Fishnets: Blowpop

Boots: Elikatira

Poses: Glitterati

“Rebel, rebel… You’ve torn your dress.  Rebel, rebel…  Your face is a mess.”

Pictures taken @ the crack den.


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