British Invasion!

I know it’s not new, but to begin with…  I really want to swoon over this League skin.  I finally broke down and got it a few days ago and I am so in love.  There’s something about the style of this face that reminds me of the art from American comic books.  That and the fact that it comes with options for hairbase, freckles, and cleavage built into the skin?  It’s a pretty nifty little deal and gives you plenty of open tattoo layers for playing with makeup.  Considering I’ve been obsessed with Pink Fuel lips since I stumbled across the brand, this is like a match made in heaven.  The new release of her Elly skin and the smorgasbord of lipsticks, balms, and glosses have given me so much to play with!

With all the events going on at the moment, such as the opening of the new Truth District as well as the hair fair, I’ve been doing what I can to save lindens and create a look from what I already have.  This involved digging through the inventory and finding some goodies I’d forgotten I had.  It ended up being a slightly grungy look with a little British influence.  I blame it on Protest being from across the pond.  *grins and winks*


Hair: Magika


Jeans: Roots

Necklace: Ducknipple

Belt: Moloko

Boots: Kboots

Poses: Zombie Fetus


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