Inspire Challenge! (Lanie Windlow)

Lillian "The Creep" Edwyn stalks Lanie!

Last November I was trying to find some nifty stores I didn’t know about.  I looked around and discovered the world of blogging!  The first one I stumbled across (and promptly did the creep) that really caught my interest was Lanie’s Mad World.  I checked in on a regular basis to see what creative styles she would have to share, snatched up nearly all of the poses she’s created, and blog stalked to my heart’s content.  My appreciation for bloggers has only continued to grow since then and I’ve found more blogs I enjoy, but discovering Lanie’s really started my interest.  When Harlow Heslop issued her Inspire Challenge! I knew my first candidate in a heartbeat. ♥

Lanie was kind enough to agree to a little photo shoot with a bright and colorful theme, and here are the results!  I definitely should have grabbed a few more pictures so I could edit some niftier things, but you live and learn and then improve!  Til then, it was loads of fun using silly poses with the crazy looks we both created.  Thanks again, Lanie!  I look forward to reading more blog posts from you.  ♥

And without further delay… one more zany shot and credits!  Hooray for color!



Hair: Truth
Skin: League
Makeup: Eyeshadow (*BOOM*); Lipstick (Pink Fuel)
Top: Berries Inc
Bra: Luck Inc.
Skirt with Corset: Luck Inc.
Boots: Abyss


Hair: Truth
Skin: Pink Fuel
Lipstick: Pink Fuel
Wings: *BOOM*
Tank top:
High Waist Panties: Deetalez
Stockings: 5th&Oxford (Not available anymore)
Shoes: Violent Seduction (Tinted)


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