Bubblegum Weekends – Lazy Sundays…

So there’s this guy…  He’s kinda special to me, and tends to take up all my SL time.  The thing is, I’m alright with this.  It does, however, make it a little difficult to remember to slip in a blog entry.  Hence, it’s a little on the late side today.  Hope you guys don’t mind, but look at Pro!  Can you blame me?

It’s still Bubblegum Weekends time, so you know the drill.  Colorful hair!  I went with an old favorite today, pink. ♥

I wanted an overall light and summery look (I just can’t bear to make my av suffer in long sleeves when I’m dying of heat in RL), and the new-ish flipflops from maitreya were the perfect finishing touch!  They have a huge selection of colors, with both plain and print versions for each!  And then add in your options of cute anklets and you have a basic wardrobe staple for the long SL summer nights.


Skin: Pink Fuel
Hair: Rawhouse
Piercings: Plastic Flowers
Top: Fishy Strawberry
Shorts: League
Flipflops: Maitreya

And now that I’ve finished up for the day with blogging, it’s back to cuddling the Pro.  ♥  The adorable swing we got from this weekend’s Themeory item by Awesome Blossom is a great place to unwind and spend the day being sweet and staring out to sea.  There’s still a few hours left (until 12pm slt!) to get it and at 75L it’s a steal.  Hurry on to grab one! 😀

“Come away with me… And I will write you a song…”


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