Just Another LOTD.

So I’ve been feeling the romance style as of late, with a combination of super casual jeans and flipflops.  Yes, still the maitreya ones.  ♥  I pretty much live in flipflops when not at work in RL, so I wouldn’t be surprised if this transitions into my av style as well.  There’s lot of stuff going on, I’m resolving some pretty tense RL issues and also distracted by the calling of favorite TV shows.  So without further delay, I’ll get a quick LOTD for you all and go off to my TV and cuddle date. :}

Oh, I almost forgot!  Saaaaah-wooooooooon!  Kioko of Panda Express made new ears and they’re pretty amazingly cute.  Beyond all the fun options she has available for your style choices, they’re easy to match up to your skin AND the name is Lil’s Elf Ears.  How perfect!  Yes, yes, I know they aren’t named for me, but I can live in a dream world…


Skin: Leafy
Hair: Truth
Ears: Panda Express (edited)
Makeup: Lips (Pink Fuel); Beauty Mark (cheLLe)
Necklace: Undefined Lillies
Ring: Virtual/Insanity
Top: Fishy Strawberry
Jeans: L.inc
FlipFlops: Maitreya


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