Look of the Day – 7.14.11

The economic crisis seems to be hitting all of us pretty hard these days.  It’s something everyone seems to be feeling and struggling from, aside from the people with the luxury of being able to purchase iPads for their 10 year olds…  But that’s a different rant entirely.  Back to the struggles, I’ve been dealing with my student loans and failure at getting a good job to be able to start paying on those bad boys.  Thankfully, it all seems to be working out for the moment and I actually had a really helpful phone call I just wrapped up regarding the loans.  It’s small, but it’s a huge relief to have at least one of my big real life issues moving in a positive direction.

Still, store owners in second life are facing the hard times of sales dropping due to the economic state as well.  Though sometimes it’s simply a case of real life needing more attention, many more well loved stores are having to close down than one may usually see.  Today I’m pretty bummed that I didn’t get a chance to see how far Absolution could go, but at least I do have the joy of some pretty adorable items I snatched up while the store was around.


Skin: League
Hair: Milana
Ears: Panda Express (edited)
Piercings: ellabella (heavily edited)
Neclace & Bracelet: League
Top: Absolution
Skirt: Grixdale
Shoes: Mon Tissu


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