Bouncy Friday!

I’m trying to cling to the amazing positive energy I snatched up when things started heading in the right direction, and hopefully it’ll push me into making more good things happen.  Life is feeling a bit brighter, so I felt like today should be fun and bouncy as well!  Yes, I know these shoes were used in yesterday’s look but they were the perfect shade of pink and I’d honestly neglected them for three months.


Skin: League (again!)
Makeup: Pink Fuel (again!)
Piercings: ellabella
Hair: Elikatira
Top: Berries Inc (2 versions layered)
Bra: *BOOM*
Pants: The Plastik
Shoes: Mon Tissu

The pants, Aeda Slacks, are actually a free gift from the subscribo group that was just put out at The Plastik.  I was pretty thrilled for a chance to try them out, as she’s released a lovely set of print versions at the store.  I was skeptical originally because the price tag (499L) seemed a bit hefty for a pair of pants, but I failed to realize just how many options were available for that bundle.  You get 12 different styles for just 499L?!  And for those who favor a hybrid or furry style, there’s even a digi-leg flare option.  These pants have suddenly become a must have for me, and I imagine I’ll pick up a good little handful of the different prints to try out different flirty summer looks.


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