A Bubblegum Weekends Two-fer!

I’ve been kinda slacking on the blog this weekend, but that’s mainly because I wasn’t feeling too motivated as I worked my way to vacation time!  I’ve taken off my first full week off in two years and I’m so incredibly excited!  As of 2:40pm today, I was officially done until the 1st of next month.  It feels so liberating!  I’ll be spending my time off relaxing, catching up on some long lost rest, and hopefully finding a new job.  Wish me luck!

To make up for not updating this weekend, you get a two-fer today!  That’s right, BubbleGum Weekends, DoubleMint Edition! 😀  The first one is a kinda sweet style I wore on Saturday.  It reminded me a lot of a (blue) Sookie Stackhouse style…  If it weren’t for the undershirt, this would be a cute and super short summer style she’d rock.  Today was a little more grungy punky fun! 😀  I am loving finding different things that I can wear the new Panda Express jeans with.  They’re way colorful and make me insanely happy. ♥

Credits *Saturday*:

Hair: Magika
Bubblegum: Pink Fuel
Necklace: Concrete Flowers
Bangles: Grixdale
Tank/Dress: Grixdale
Undershirt: Whippet & Buck
Shoes: Elikatira

Credits *Sunday*:

Hair: Elikatira (tinted)
Jewelry: Sey
Tee: Acid & Mala
Jeans:  Panda Express
Shoes:  Tyranny Designs (No longer available)


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