Bubblegum Weekends Time!

One of the sweetest things about summer is how the memories can linger.  We save little flashes of our lives with photographs and the music that creates a soundtrack to our favorite moments.  Then one day, years later, we dust off a forgotten shoebox found high in a closet and relive it all as we slowly flip through one faded picture after another.

I do it myself, sometimes with high school pictures.  I remember past friendships, pause and reflect on the loss of classmates who left the world at a young age, and delight in the inside jokes that I had somehow left behind.  I’m a pack rat when it comes to things like this.  I have a box full of photo albums and old cards, and every time I clean out my closet or go on a rampage of tossing things out…  I sit down and spend hours looking through everything and then put it all away very neatly for another time.  Sometimes I’ll call up one of my best friends afterwards and remind her about something silly I found.  One time it was a quarter we had painted with nail polish to give George’s wig a new color.  My friend and I slipped him back and forth in our tips from the little place we worked at in high school, and when I moved on to college it became a game of slipping him into letters.  It’s so simple, but something that brought back a lot of memories of another time when things were easier.

That aside, today’s look was something sweet and simple.  I did some tweaking on my shape for this lovely skin from Grixdale, and was pretty pleased with the results.  If you like it, you should really give the store a visit!  Tyr has a summer skin sale going on through August 5th, so it’s a great time to try them out and save some money at the same time.  Also, it’s the weekend so it’s time for more candy-colored hair!  Bubblegum Weekends are so bright and happy. ♥


Skin: Grixdale
Hair: Truth
Ears: Panda Express
Top: League
Skirt: League
Shoes: Elikatira
Jewelry: Kosh
Poses: Glitterati and Olive Juice


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