BubbleGum Weekends – A Wild Greasemonkey Appears~!

taken @ the crack den | pose from Olive Juice

Growing up, I spent a lot of time around an auto repair shop.  My grandfather was a mechanic and ran one of a couple of shops in town.  I remember afternoons after school in the office, toying with the tiny working parts on his collectible cars and sneaking jellybeans out of a jar for customers.  One would think with this sort of background to my childhood would have me fixing my car anytime I have issues, but things didn’t quite work out that way.  Instead, I feel I’ve made quite the accomplishment by changing a tire.  Not quite the grease monkey granddaughter one could expect!  Sure sure, I have my tomboy mannerisms but this is one that I skipped.

That doesn’t mean I can’t appreciate a beautiful car, though.  He did teach me a love for that.  And I guess there’s a little hint of that nostalgia, or bad girl dream left in me, and it lead to today’s look.  It’s still Bubblegum Weekends time, so we continue on with the bright hair and add some bad-ass girlie looks.  I like to call this one Watermelon-flavoured Grease Monkey.  I especially adore the details of the jeans and the color change bandana hanging from the pocket!


Skin: League
Hair: Truth
Piercings: HoD (2 face, 1 chest)
Tattoo: Para Designs
Top: League
Jeans: League
Shoes: Urban Bomb Unit
Fingertape: L.inc
Bracelets: Pepper
Poses: The Secret Hideaway, Olive Juice, Glitterati, E.ink*
*hooray variety


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