New Approach?

Some days I’m cutesy for hosting, some days I’m skanky.  I’ve gotten tired of the crappy tips from skanky clothes, so it’s time for a cute look.  Honestly, I’ve wanted to do an outfit with this particular print option from Plastik’s Aeda slacks since I first laid eyes on them, but today was when I finally got the inspiration.  This ensemble is filled with cute little items I’ve had my eye on for some time but had delayed for some reason or another.  Those cute bow earrings?  Yeah, I didn’t think they’d work when I was so dedicated to being an elf that I was never seen without some sort of elf ears.  I’ve decided to me a bit more human for a while (Being Human, anyone?), so I took the opportunity to snatch the cute jewelry up from Bellballs.  Real life was a bit odd today, so after it all I came home and unwound while making Lil adorable.  Protest and I recently gave up on breeding a large amount of meeroos (around 40 live roos was our limit, I love decorating our houses far too much to allow them to eat up anymore prims than that) and began selling them off, which is very exciting in many ways.

1.)  This means we actually see some rewards, though they may be small, from the time and effort we put in.
2.) More prims!  We can get detailed with the decor!
3.)  Extra lindens, which means I can get some cute things in SL as well as cash in some to help out with a small bill or two.

Basically, the situation is an all around win!  I enjoyed meeroos for a bit, but it’s time for a break from dumping money into them with limited results.  Congratulations to all those who’ve had more luck with the game than we have!  You do show us some awfully cute roos.  *coughKAETHEcough*  As I ramble on, let me explain my little meeroo rant there.  I relaxed after work, put together the cute look, and then went and joined Protest at a meeroo auction where we did NOT manage to unload the particular one we had up for sale.  It was amusing, though.  We always find humor in the most simple little things and we definitely picked up a few inside jokes from this experience.  So without delay, let’s dive into some pure fashion and get on with the outfit!


Skin: Pink Fuel (limited edition for Culture Shock event)
Hair: Truth
Necklace and Earrings: Bellballs
Ring: Elate!
Jacket: Mon Tissu
Skirt: The Plastik
Shoes: Urban Bomb Unit
Poses: Olive Juice

And in case you thought I was joking about looking out of place when hosting at Zero in my cutesy style…  Have a peek!


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