FRUK, it’s Bubblegum Weekends again!

Apparently I only thought Protest and I were getting out of meeroos.  In reality, as we got a bit more involved in the process of attending auctions to sell the buggers off, it sparked the roo love again and we’ve actually PURCHASED a new baby.  It’s like some strange sort of crack… or the mob.  You only really get free if you’re dead. :/

But hey, we have a new hella cute baby out of it!  I’ve had a soft spot for the notched ear roos ever since I saw one on Jaiden’s flickr, so when one came up for a pretty reasonable price, Protest seized the day and went for it.  I’m pretty pleased with the adorable factor it brings to our little herd.  My only real complaint is that it belongs to Protest, so no notchy snuggles for me!

We wound up wandering the meeroo auction circuit for a bit tonight, and did a lot of ranting with Chucky Hollak and Freddy Krimmer.  Oh, the woes and rambles of roos!  I had a great time though, and got to witness the purchase of Chucky’s new rockstar roo with a long mane.  I really shoulda grabbed a quick snapshot, but unfortunately I fail at these things.  I did, however, remember that I had planned on doing a post about FRUK tees.  And since that devilish duo is brilliant at coming up with bold and lively t-shirts, Bubblegum Weekends seemed like the perfect time and combination!

To begin with, the look of the sim is unique enough that I felt it deserved some recognition.  No, you’re not waltzing into some bright house to pay a visit to FRUK Tees, nor are you creeping into a dark and gloomy house.  Instead, you’re landing in a field, dusting yourself off, and making sure you don’t get soaked by the sprinkler as you make your way to a series of big open barns covered with a huge collection of tees, ranging from vintage 80s love to current pop culture.  My own tiny stash of three tees (so far, but there are more on my list of must haves!) is a pretty good assessment of the variety.  Their tees also have a few wear options.  They’re flattering as just a fitted shirt on a clothing layer, but also have sleeve and shirt bottom prims.  There’s both a girlie fit as well as one for the guys, which can also double as a super long loose shirt on a female, giving the option to rock a t-shirt dress look.


Skin: League (Taylor this time!)
Hair: Raw House
Necklace & Earrings: Bellballs
Bracelets: Needful Things
Ring: Nox
Tees: FRUK Tees (durr)
Skirt: Grixdale
Shoes: Ingenue (Old FLF item)

So go to FRUK Tees and fill your need for casual, yet witty, cotton!


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