8.8. – The Beginning of Collabor88

One of the most exciting things in the Second Life world of fashion occurs when beloved designers join together to collaborate on a project.  Imagine then, a collection of the grid’s favorite and most skilled content creators coming together in a monthly event of releases which all tie in beautifully together.  As if this wasn’t enough to delight SL shopper, add on a reduced price of only 88-188L.  And there you have it, expertly crafted items from a variety of categories, all available at a low price and in one snazzy new location.  Welcome to Collabor88.

As with any new release and well publicized event, I can’t resist taking a peek at the chaos.  I’d scooted in earlier when things were quiet, but just had to go back and grab a snapshot of the busy region.  This event has been talked of for a while, being promoted around the grid, and it has delivered a very impressive starting round.  True to the theme of 8s, you can look forward to a new release each month on the 8th.  This time we have on offering of all sorts of delight, with a list of my favorites below.

  • Illusory – A lovely skin available in several tones.
  • LISP Bazaar – A choice of two adorable seats with cuddles and single poses.
  • *BOOM* – Cute and colorful tanks with a delicious ice cream theme.
  • Truth – An entire fatpack of hair in a new style and a new addition of 8 roots colors!
  • The Sea Hole – Cute dresses in a free fat pack as well as a cute top and shorts outfit.
  • Elikatira – Two different and gorgeous long flowing hairstyles.
  • Grixdale – Three lovely dresses and a bold, fun set of makeup!

And there’s more!  Definitely make your way over to Collabor88 and pick up your own favorites, and take a moment to admire the thought and beauty of the build and how it relates to the theme.  I put together a couple of pieces for a fun, pink look.  I just can’t resist my favorite color. ♥


Skin: League
Hair: Truth (Collabor88!)
Tattoo: The Sea Hole
Nail Polish: Rezlpsa Loc
Top: *BOOM* (Collbaor88!)
Jeans: Atomic
Bracelets: Grixdale
Shoes: Mon Tissu (tinted)
Poses: E.ink


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