Anyone who knows me, whether it be in world or via this blog/flickr, is well aware of my love for Truth hair.  When I first found a good hair designer, it was Truth.  And much like a girl does when she finds a great hair stylist in real life, I keep going back for new cuts, styles, and dye jobs!  Today I was pretty thrilled to find two new releases that I adored so much I quickly grabbed up.  Thanks again, Truth!

Ricci and Erika are a lot of fun!  I’m rockin’ the “treacle” shade in that image, which goes really well with my current skin tone.  Yes, it’s still Elly from Pink Fuel, but I’ve decided to give my av a bit more of the real life me look.  My hair is a dark shade of brown, but it’s very difficult to capture in photography.  It’s one of those pet peeves of mine, as it’s always being mistaken for black hair.  I think this is the reason I avoid wearing black hair in SL.

But wait a minute, isn’t this the weekend?  Where are the colorful locks?!  Don’t worry, I went ahead and picked up Ricci in those bold colors and had a great time with an incredibly pink look, with a hint of purple.  Bubble gum and grape soda, maybe?  Not exactly the best combination when it comes to flavors, but it works pretty well for a color scheme!  I’m not normally one for prim nails, but my curiosity has been tempting me lately, and…  Jade Composer of The Secret Hideout made some cool new nails with an adorable little hello kitty design and… PINK LEOPARD!  How could I not work them into this outfit?


Skin: Pink Fuel
Hair: Truth
Nails: ~TSH~
Bracelets: *BOOM*
Belt: Moloko
Top: L.inc
Jeans: L.inc
Shoes: Mstyle

And with that lovely little update, I return to a world of snuggles and Supernatural with Protest!  I’ll leave you with a little Dean love to make your heart happy.  ♥


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