These Boots…

People who meet me online and get to know me well enough to hear my voice are often surprised to find out that I’m from Texas.  I don’t really make an effort to hide an accent, it’s just not a strong one for some reason.  Perhaps it’s the BA in English, but I’ve also never been fond of the hick stereotypes and the uneducated sound that tends to come from a deep southern drawl.  Somewhere along the path of literature, I suppose I dropped the heavy influences.  However, when I spend a lot of time around friends that one might consider a bit “country”, it comes out to play.  I can also catch a peek of it when extremely sleepy or intoxicated, haha!  And the real red flag in my speech to let you know I’m from the south?  Well, I just can’t seem to forget my southern manners, and use ma’am and sir when interacting with people politely.

Once we move beyond the accent, there’s the odd question of my childhood.  I grew up living on a few acres with my mother and grandparents, surrounded by a ranch owned by a wealthier family member.  It was beautiful land and not really a “working” ranch.  In reality, it was more huge, beautiful fields surrounded by a heavily wooded area and infrequently populated with cattle.  The ranch was the perfect playground for a young girl with few friends who lived nearby and an overactive imagination.  Sure, there were times when I was jealous of the ease the city kids had for visiting friends on short notice, but I’d never trade that for the days I spent climbing trees and getting lost in fantasy books.

As I grew older, I had friends who raised various farm animals for selling at fairs, and begged my grandfather for the chance to raise a calf.  Thank God he declined, but instead offered me the chance to take equestrian lessons.  I got a pony when I was about 7 years old and rode horses for several years before I finally hung up my riding boots, so to speak.

Today’s look features a top from a store that’s closing shortly, Sweetest Goodbye.  There’s some amazing pieces and beautifully detailed uniforms (there’s still a couple of school girl ones I’m planning to grab) and all sorts of interesting goodies, and everything will be clearing out on August 31st.  It’s always a shame to see talented designers closing up, and Sweetest Goodbye will be missed.  I tried a few different looks for the shirt, but decided that it was best to channel a brunette version of Daisy Duke.  Voila, this look of the day was born!


Skin: Pink Fuel
Hair: Truth
Tattoo: Glue Ink
Nails & Ring: Mstyle
Necklace: Mocha
Wheat Noms: SISU
Top: Sweetest Goodbye
Shorts: League
Boots: Miel


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