Goodbye to Berries Inc.

Today I went to Berries Inc. to see if there were any snazzy new releases I had missed and was crushed to find a sign announcing a closing sale.  Yet another of my beloved casual stores in SL is closing, and it’s a sad, sad day.  If you haven’t visited before, it’s a great place to find simple but cute pieces for a relaxed and comfortable style, or for mixing and matching with other layers.  I’m bummed to see another amazing store go, but it’s a great opportunity to pick up some basic essentials at a price that’s easy on the ol’ linden wallet.  From now until September 12, all items at Berries are only 50L.  Definitely pop in and take a look, it’s well worth your time.

As my own salute and farewell to the store, all tops featured in today’s blog entry come from Berries Inc.  I also made a trip to Pepper recently and finally joined the group!  There’s a tiny fee, but it’s well worth it for the adorable group gift necklace currently out at the main store.  Yes, that is indeed a message in a bottle, on a string, around my neck!  And to fancy things up a bit, there’s even a strand with colorful beads.  It’s well worth the 100L group fee to join, and even includes a little nommy mouth piece with a dangling message in a bottle.  You know it’s hard for SL ladies to resist cute nommy objects…  Just something about that oral fixation!  On my trip to Pepper, I picked up some cute new flats as well.  Inexpensive and adorable means it’s a must have for me, so I eagerly picked up a pair with roses and bows.


Skin: League
Hair: Elikatira
Ears: Panda Express
Tattoos: Glue Ink (Chest & Hips), Atomic (Sleeves)
Piercings: Plastic Flowers
Bottle Necklace: Pepper
Collar: Blitzed
Nails: Mandala
Jeans: (CMFB Hunt item)
Tops: Berries Inc.
Shoes: Pepper

And can you honestly say this last bit surprises you?  Really?

“Sending out an S.O.S…”


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