Goodbye Grixdale.

As I’ve mentioned a few times, many favorite stores are closing lately.  The lovely Grixdale, a store of soft and beautiful female fashion, is closing down.  Tyr has chosen to pursue other passions in her creation style.  Aura will be her new focus, and it promises to be a line of bold and vibrant clothing.  Congratulations to Tyr for following her heart, but Grixdale shall certainly be missed!  If you haven’t swung by, it’s time to get in and grab up all the goodies you can dream of, cute dresses and skins as well as tops, pants, and hoodies.  The dresses and skins are only 100L and everything else is 50L.

It’s Bubblegum Weekends again, and today’s hair is a new release from Truth.  I adore the style, especially all the cute little colorful bands, and it seemed to perfect for a relaxing weekend.  I tried to keep the accessories to a minimum, the real emphasis was on the clothing.  ♥


Skin: Pink Fuel
Hair: Truth
Tattoo: Pekka
Shoes: Pixel Mode
Capris: Ronsem
All Else: Grixdale

After taking pictures for this blog entry, I realized that I should have been wearing a Grixdale skin.  I have a habit of turning to the cutesy and youthful Pink Fuel’s Elly for Bubblegum Weekends, but can’t have a farewell salute to Grixdale without featuring her gorgeous skins.

Bikini: Pig
Heels: Pixel Mode

There’s still a few days left to get any items you may have been waiting to purchase from Grixdale.  On August 31st, we say goodbye…  I can’t wait to see what Tyr brings us with her new endeavors.


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