Baby Vamp

I seem to be getting into a habit of only updating at certain times…  Bubblegum Weekends and somewhat sporadically through the weekdays, but Wednesdays are always promising.  This is mainly because Wednesday is my day off from work, and I have extra time for fun things like reading, watching random movies, and blogging.

Protest and I have been watching True Blood together for a bit now, even though we’re a bit late on this week’s episode.  We’ll get to that later today, I hope!  Anyways, Jessica Hamby has a certain appeal that’s hard to deny.  She’s a character who sort of got thrown into an unexpected situation and keeps rolling with the punches, despite a roller coaster ride of emotional highs and lows.  Perhaps that’s the reason it’s easy to connect with her…  Though it’s not exactly like we’ve all been turned into vampires against our will, there are certain circumstances which are always beyond our control that may make life a bit more difficult than we had planned.

Hey, and she blogs!  HBO has made the most adorable little blog, reminiscent of musings from my high school days and livejournal, belonging to the self proclaimed baby vamp.  I think my favorite entry may be where Jessica simply plays with her fangs, practicing!  Honestly, it’s difficult to pick.  Either way, I think it’s an awfully fun idea and really adds a bit of character development that is hard to portray through a weekly show that follows the shenanigans of many other characters.

Because of this, I’ve been wanting to do a “baby vamp” inspired look for a while.  I’ve had the idea, I’ve known the skin I wanted, and had many other thoughts on it.  I think I got the push with a bad day at work yesterday and the tough times that Jessica Hamby is currently dealing with this season.  It’s been emotional, and it takes a toll on a girl.


Skin: Pink Fuel – Elly <Cream> – Bloodthirsty
Hair: Elikatira – [e] – Want – Blonde 09 (tinted)
Eyes: Insufferable Dastard – .ID. Light Sensitive/Bloodshot – Ice
Tears: Repulse – Bloody Tears III Face Tattoo (Free on Marketplace!)
Shirt:  Aoharu – BT OpenLongShirt Red Plaid
Undershirt: – Tanktop Eggplant
Jeans: – Trya Jeans Washed Blue w/ Skinny Cuffs
Shoes: Absolution – Rose Flats – Grey (no longer available)

I decided to be a little more detailed with the item descriptions today.  I like how much quicker it is to just type the store name, but if people prefer the full information, I can force myself to make the switch!  Vote on it?


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