BGW – Grape Soda

As you may have noticed lately, I’ve been on the hunt for stores that I haven’t shopped at before.  I guess that goes without saying, honestly, seeing as everyone is always searching for new looks and styles…  But I guess I’ve been putting a bit more effort into it as of late.  As favorite stores get cycled out due to closings, it’s time to find new blood and new fashions!  Tram is not a new store, but it’s one I hadn’t visited before.  I remember seeing some friends with the most adorable little frilly white halter top from the brand, and decided that today was time for me to get around to checking it out for myself.  I was thrilled to find that I liked much more than just the top I’d gone in search of!  I positively squealed over some sweet flats I found (in a nice selection of bright colors) as well as cute long knit coats and other accessories.  If you’re a little behind like myself, now is a great time to take a trip to Tram and see what you’ve been missing out on!

Visit Tram!

Fear not!  I did not forget Bubblegum Weekends!  I had originally planned to rock my friend Zaz’s favorite hair color from my wild colors days, coolmint by Truth.  However, once I snatched up the bright purple flats from Tram, it was clear that our flavor of the week would be a bit more grape oriented.  I’m also trying to begin coaxing myself to say goodbye to the skimpy summer clothing and shift into cool weather looks, like cozy sweaters and other goodies.  Living in Texas helps me hang onto the summer far longer than most, but…  It’s coming.  For now, summer continues to reign in my SL.  Hope you guys enjoy!


Skin: Pink Fuel
Hair: Truth
Nails: Mandala
Tattoo: Pekka (dollarbie!)
Earrings: Bellballs Essentials
Bracelets: Bellballs Essentials
Top: Tram
Skirt: Grixdale *
Shoes: Tram

* Yes, Grixdale is closed.  However, all of the denim products Tyr produced under that label will soon be added to her current project, Aura!  This means if you missed out, you’ll get a chance again very soon.


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