Beans of Obsession!

Second Life fads catch on quickly and spark into wild things that take the grid by storm and breed an almost obsessive passion.  The current popular goodie is from Ohmai Emporium, and tasty as well as clever.  Gachas are damned near irresistible and this one is no exception.  Simply pay 5L and you are rewarded with one of 100 jellybeans, modeled after the selection from the Harry Potter world’s Bertie Bott’s Every Flavor Beans.  This means you could end up with something deliciously yummy, like cheesecake.  However, there’s also a chance of getting a nasty surprise like dirty socks of swamp water (which is surprisingly pretty and glows)!

With Zaziel Helix and Protest Zsun, displaying PB&J Sandwich, the coveted Rainbow, and Gingerbread.

Protest and I went and spent a great deal of time and lindens at the store collecting jelly beans, and our friend Zaziel Helix joined us for the festivities!  I think my favorite part was the need to keep seeing what each new bean would be and then testing out the effects the tongue may have.  Even though there’s a handy chart of the appearance of each flavor’s bean, the tongues are a bit of a mystery until you actually see it!  For example, with the gingerbread one pictured above, there’s a gingerbread man shaped shadow on the tongue.  Rainbow leaves a colorful streak of it’s namesake, and PB&J leaves a jelly stain.

I’ve also decided to push myself to continue trying hairs other than Truth and Elikatira.  Yes, I own others and like them, but they seem to be my steady fallback.  This week I ventured out in styles to Exile and Ploom, and my finds were extremely rewarding.  They may not be the newest releases from each store, but they’re quite recent and very new to me.  I knew the stores existed, but I guess I was just so comfortable with the known that I didn’t pay them the attention they deserved.  My apologies to both Ploom and Exile!  I have changed my ways and will be making frequent visits.


Skin: Pink Fuel
Ears: Panda Express
Top: Grasp
Necklace: HoD
Bracelets: *BOOM*
Tattoo: Pekka
Nails: Mandala
Hair: Ploom (far left) and Exile
Beans pictured: Pixie Dust (it glows!), lipstick (kiss marks!), and grape soda


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