Hipsters and Paint.

There are times when the creative spark inspires us.  You may be moved to write a song, story, poem…  Or perhaps something more sentimental, like a love letter.  Maybe the muse pushes you in other directions, to sketch and paint and create a masterpiece with your hands.  It takes time and a certain amount of dedication to let the creative process flow through you and lead to a finished work.  To be quite honest, I’ve been slacking.  My inner muse screams at me every now and then, but I struggle to find the time and proper tools to get the vision in my mind translated into actuality.  As a result it’s been quite a while since I drew anything I really cared for…

But enough about me.  This post is sort of a late ode to Fifty Linden Fridays. Yes, I know it’s Saturday now, but I had the idea yesterday.  Unfortunately, I found myself passing out before it was achieved…  This seems to be a theme!  Weekends means Bubblegum Weekends, so I tinted the fun new Lamb hair I got (also from Collabor88!) into a deep shade of purple and rolled around in some paint!

Easel & Paintbrush: Baffle!
Skin: Tres Blah
Hair: Lamb
Tank, Shorts, & Paint: Tres Blah *
Shoes: Maitreya
Poses: Olive Juice *
Nail Polish: RezIpsa Loc

* Fifty Linden Fridays items!

And because it’s stuck in my head, I want to share it (and get it stuck in yours)!  Enjoy a random song from Mr. A-Z. ♥

“If you are what you eat, in my case I’ll be sweet, so come and get some!”


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