September Cuddles

I’ve been a little absent the last few days.  Protest and I celebrated six months together all weekend and on Tuesday (the actual date!).  I’ve also realized I kinda let myself go…  Between working and being cozy with a sweet guy, I haven’t put a lot of effort into taking care of myself.  As a result, it’s time for me to get busy again!  I started working out yesterday and have returned to the world of aching muscles and P90X pain.  It’s a long hard journey, but it’s very rewarding.  This isn’t my first time taking the path, but I’m determined to make a full run of it and keep it up!  No more chubby RL Lillian’s allowed!

September is here and I’m so ready for the comfy sweaters and cool weather snuggles.  Sadly, I’m in Texas and the weather hasn’t quite shifted here yet.  However, being in SL allows us the luxuries of ignoring RL weather and donning whatever suits our mood.  To welcome in that season I’m looking forward to, I snuggled up in an adorable top and decided to bring this blog post to you!

Skin: Pink Fuel (Kumi – Limited Edition for PCF)
Hair: Lelutka
Nails: Mandala
Necklace: Concrete Flowers
Sweaters: Izzie’s
Jeans: The Whore
Boots: Miel

Today I had some favorite items I wanted to spotlight.  The Tinman necklace I wore was from one of the weekly sales events.  I grabbed it up because I thought it was cute and clever, but never got around to wearing it.  When I slipped it on today, I found out that it has some really nifty details!  Beyond the pretty detailed design of the clock, there’s a menu with options to set the clock to your timezone.  You can even adjust it to compensate for DST!  Also, I finally got around to purchasing the Far boots from Miel and have absolutely no regrets.  There’s several color options for the socks and they’re perfect to complete a fall or wintery look.  And as one can expect from Miel, the level of detail is beautiful.

That wraps up things for today!  Hopefully I’ll be posting more as I find a way to balance my new schedule with the workouts.


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