*Leafy Love!

After some absolutely delicious teaser previews, *Leafy owner Kaethe Dyrssen has released a beautiful limited edition of Zan in two tones, Lumiel and Dusty!  I’ve been pretty excited about *Leafy skins ever since she released Luna at the skin fair this year, and Zan has simply improved on an already beautiful style.

These skins come with several options.  You can choose between three different brow colors, freckles, and cleavage!  The cleavage is a new addition to her skins and I absolutely love having it available.  She’s also been so kind as to make all these options available directly on the skin, leaving your layers free to play with.  The freckles are cute and subtle, so be sure to view the image full size to see the attention to detail.

And speaking of layers, Zan even comes with some very pretty lip gloss options, with matte versions available too.  I love the ability to change a style that just a different shade of lip gloss can achieve!

As if all this weren’t enough, Kaethe also released a beautiful shape that suits the skin nicely.  Raven is also a limited edition item, and comes with several different body types to please everyone’s interests.  I really adore her petite curvy frame and sweet face, so be sure to check her out!  There are packages available with the skin and shape as well as simply the skin, depending on your interest.  Just pick your favorite tone or grab up both!  They’re not something to wait around on as the number of copies available to the grid is limited, so be sure and get them before you miss your chance.

Visit *Leafy for Zan & Raven!

And for those who were curious, here are the items featured in today’s blog. ♥

Hair: Truth
Nails: Mandala
Lingerie: The Whore
Shoes: N-Core


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