Zan is here!

The skin I’ve been dying to have for months has finally been released!  Zan from *Leafy is available now and I’m in love. ♥  Kaethe Dyrssen has been hard at work and it’s easy to see once you take a look at this beautiful new line.  Currently available in four tones, there’s something for everyone!  You can select from Lumiel, Peachy, Dusty, or Sunkissed.  I’m having a hard time settling on a favorite, myself.

Zan comes with a nice selection of options, as well.  You can choose from three different brow colors as well as freckles.  There’s also a cleavage addon you can snatch up if you’re so inclined!  I definitely am, and can attest that it adds a sultry touch that Protest is fond of, haha!

Now I’ll mention my favorite part.  Zan comes in a selection of 12 different makeups, packaged together in sets of two which compliment each other nicely.  I’ve snapped shots here of all the different pairs, so hopefully you can pick your own favorites!  I have troubles myself, but seem to be spending a lot of time in cottoncandy and cosmic.  If you love layering on different tattoo makeups, pure is a clean and lovely face that sets you free to experiment and create your own look!

Be sure to head to *Leafy, grab and try on demos, and pick up your favorites!  This skin is too gorgeous to resist. ♥

TP to Leafy!

Also used in this Post:
Hair: Magika
Eyes: Insufferable Dastard
Lingerie Sets:
Heels: Mstyle
Poses: Atomic &

P.S. There’s a special 100L skin sale going on for the previous line, as well!  Swing by and check out Luna while you’re at it.


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