Nova Release!

Kaethe recently released a wonderful new skin named Nova, and I think she’s absolutely stunning!  She comes in five tones, Cream, Lumiel, Peachy, Dusty, and Sunkissed.  Each skin comes with teeth, or an open mouth, freckles, and three different brow colors.  There are 8 different makeups, packaged together in pairs, and five different lip makeups on tattoo layers that also have the parted lip options.  It’s a great skin and well worth picking up, so swing by Leafy and try out Nova!

Hair: >Truth< – Andrea colours pack
Bows: Candy Mountain – Bowed
Shoes: Elikatira – [e] – Millside Flats
Earrings: Bellballs – My Bow Earrings (red)
Tattoo: Nox – [Oh Love Don’t Let Me Go] tattoo

Teleport to Leafy!


Shades of Grey

Protest and I have been living in a magical winter wonderland, thanks to his wonderful skills at decorating the home area.  I got the urge to get a little foxy again, and I really feel a bit like an arctic fox in all the snow.  I can’t step out without feeling like I should be bundled up, so we got together and did some wintery outfits to share. ♥  I gotta say, warm clothes and snuggles are the best way to get through chilly weather!

on Lillian:
Skin: *L* Zan – Lumiel Sky DB
Hair: >TRUTH< Faith – espresso
Sweater: Kyoot – Ellery Top (White)
Undershirt: *BOOM* Everyday Tank (snow)
Skirt: Grixdale – Lazy Denim Skirt – Teal (dark)
Tights: Kyoot – Hollander Leggings (Cream)
Shoes: [e] Millside Flats – Smoke
Fox Parts: Mutation Industries [ripped from a full avatar]
Necklace & Ring: KOSH – Hibernation
Poses: Atomic & Glitterati

On Protest:
Skin: Fruk Lennon – The Smooth Operator T2
Facial Hair: Fruk – The Stinger Beard Black
Hair: *DROT* – Tommy Black Ice
Gloves: SiniStyle – Man Handled
Glasses: *Muism* Galliano
Scarf: -[AddiCt] – Minnu Scarf/Soot
Jeans: !Zoobong – Platini Jeans – Grey
Top: [2byte] Stripe Shirt – Blue
Eyes: .ID. Shine Eyes – Dark Blue
Boots: DRD – Lazy Buck Black
Poses: Olive Juice

And here’s a song from a band that holds a special place in my heart.  This song is gorgeous, and the intro makes me giggle!  What’s not to love?

“And I can’t fall asleep without a little help, it takes a lot to settle down…”
– The National

Vintage via Mon Tissu

What began as an update to get a last minute reminder out about Elikatira’s amazing one year anniversary sale snowballed into a Mon Tissu fest!  To make things quick and simple, today’s look began with a hairstyle and flats from the [e] sale and it all led to a very sweet vintage look with a Mon Tissu outfit.  Simple and elegant style was accentuated with a soft floral shrug and a dainty but detailed golden necklace.  My favorite piece would have to be my first successful  mesh item.  I’ve tried on demos for different brands in clothing and hair and been unlucky so far.  I know you have to adapt to mesh instead of vice-verse, but I refuse to change my shape to the level with some items required.  Mon Tissu’s new pencil skirt, however, uses a mesh prim for the crotch as well as layers.  The two combine to make a perfect fit with the flexible aspects of mesh!

Before I forget, be sure and swing by Elikatira before the end of the 30th to take advantage of 70% off on all items, even fat packs!  The prices are great and I grabbed up quite a few packs of my favorites. ♥

Skin: *Leafy* Zan – Lumiel Forest RB
Hair: [e] Blind – Red 04
Lip gloss: !bullwinkle. Glossy Lips – Clear
Earrings: [bellballs] Hammered Metal Stud’s- Subscriber Gift Pack
Necklace: {mon tissu} Oui Necklace – Gold
Tank: {mon tissu} Cropped Tank Top – Taupe
Shrug: {mon tissu} Loire Knit Shrug ~ Garden
Skirt: {mon tissu} Oxford Pencil Skirt / Rigged Mesh ~ Sage
Shoes: [e] Millside Flats – Taupe
Poses: By Me!  *Coming Soon*

Check out the sale at [e]!

Purple Pandemonium!

Wanted to get a quick update in to let you guys know I’m still alive!  This weekend I grabbed a few goodies from different events, Grunge Soul Project and Collabor88.  I’m sure I’ll be heading back to find more stuff soon, but for now I’m a wee bit broke.  Bringing you the Bubblegum Weekends look with shades of purple and a cute short hairstyle from Elikatira, and fawning over some goodies from Pekka.  I love the different color options available in the Kere Lipline pack from Pekka, so I thought I’d share all those today!

Also, since I was going to spend so much time focusing on my face today, I decided to go with one of the prettiest faces I have!  It’s the limited edition version of Zan from Leafy, and Kaethe still has it available for a couple more days in her store.  Be sure and go get it before you miss out.  It’s a beautiful face and very suitable for adding different makeup layers and still looking lovely.

Skin: *L* Zan(Lumiel) – Garden – RB – Cleavage
Hair: [e] Shine – Colour 07 @ Collabor88
Eyeshadow: cheLLe – (eyeshadow) Sheer Earthtones (Aqua)
Lipline: .Pekka. KERE Lipline @ GSP
Piercings: .Pekka. Omni Piercing UNISEX @ GSP
Tattoo: -SoulBody- Tattoo Bull LA LA @ GSP
Tank: .::TD::.Just Relax Violet (No Longer Available)

Bubblegum & Baseball

A really cute and colorful new store has been grabbing my attention lately, and that’s Blah. from Hoshi Kimono.  Today I was thrilled with the possibilities of a Saturday Night Fevah edition of her My Used Baseball Tees and My Super Short Skirts.  Available in two different combos of mix and match pieces, each item is only 40L and cute as hell!  I had some ideas to wear both the top and skirt I chose, but wound up going in a different direction with my look.  The skirt isn’t pictured today, but I’m looking forward to wearing it in other blogs! ♥

Skin: Pink Fuel – Elly <Sugar> Gloom (rdbrow) {Limited Edition for Culture Shock}
Hair: Elikatira – Wave Colour 09
Eye Black: ~Pepper~ – Face Paint -1-
Necklace: 19Motorcycle – Wrench Necklace 2.02 Ladies
Top: Blah – My Used Baseball Tee (Pink Cali)
Jeans: Ronsem – Cropped Denim Jeans
Shoes: UBU – PornStar Lo-Tops
Bat: -RC- Baseball Bat
Poses: & Glitterati

The pink accents in my new top seemed perfect for the color shades from Elikatira, making it really easy to pull together a Bubblegum Weekends look.  The new-ish hairstyle I picked up really lent itself to a baseball theme, and I really adore the cute messy pigtail style.  I often wore my long hair in a ponytail/bun mess that resembled this look, so it made me grin the moment I saw it.  Sadly, it’s hard to show in pictures with a front view!  Do you have favorite hairstyles that look simple or plain because the elaborate/cute aspects are tough to show in a portrait?

Baby Vamp

I seem to be getting into a habit of only updating at certain times…  Bubblegum Weekends and somewhat sporadically through the weekdays, but Wednesdays are always promising.  This is mainly because Wednesday is my day off from work, and I have extra time for fun things like reading, watching random movies, and blogging.

Protest and I have been watching True Blood together for a bit now, even though we’re a bit late on this week’s episode.  We’ll get to that later today, I hope!  Anyways, Jessica Hamby has a certain appeal that’s hard to deny.  She’s a character who sort of got thrown into an unexpected situation and keeps rolling with the punches, despite a roller coaster ride of emotional highs and lows.  Perhaps that’s the reason it’s easy to connect with her…  Though it’s not exactly like we’ve all been turned into vampires against our will, there are certain circumstances which are always beyond our control that may make life a bit more difficult than we had planned.

Hey, and she blogs!  HBO has made the most adorable little blog, reminiscent of musings from my high school days and livejournal, belonging to the self proclaimed baby vamp.  I think my favorite entry may be where Jessica simply plays with her fangs, practicing!  Honestly, it’s difficult to pick.  Either way, I think it’s an awfully fun idea and really adds a bit of character development that is hard to portray through a weekly show that follows the shenanigans of many other characters.

Because of this, I’ve been wanting to do a “baby vamp” inspired look for a while.  I’ve had the idea, I’ve known the skin I wanted, and had many other thoughts on it.  I think I got the push with a bad day at work yesterday and the tough times that Jessica Hamby is currently dealing with this season.  It’s been emotional, and it takes a toll on a girl.


Skin: Pink Fuel – Elly <Cream> – Bloodthirsty
Hair: Elikatira – [e] – Want – Blonde 09 (tinted)
Eyes: Insufferable Dastard – .ID. Light Sensitive/Bloodshot – Ice
Tears: Repulse – Bloody Tears III Face Tattoo (Free on Marketplace!)
Shirt:  Aoharu – BT OpenLongShirt Red Plaid
Undershirt: – Tanktop Eggplant
Jeans: – Trya Jeans Washed Blue w/ Skinny Cuffs
Shoes: Absolution – Rose Flats – Grey (no longer available)

I decided to be a little more detailed with the item descriptions today.  I like how much quicker it is to just type the store name, but if people prefer the full information, I can force myself to make the switch!  Vote on it?

Goodbye to Berries Inc.

Today I went to Berries Inc. to see if there were any snazzy new releases I had missed and was crushed to find a sign announcing a closing sale.  Yet another of my beloved casual stores in SL is closing, and it’s a sad, sad day.  If you haven’t visited before, it’s a great place to find simple but cute pieces for a relaxed and comfortable style, or for mixing and matching with other layers.  I’m bummed to see another amazing store go, but it’s a great opportunity to pick up some basic essentials at a price that’s easy on the ol’ linden wallet.  From now until September 12, all items at Berries are only 50L.  Definitely pop in and take a look, it’s well worth your time.

As my own salute and farewell to the store, all tops featured in today’s blog entry come from Berries Inc.  I also made a trip to Pepper recently and finally joined the group!  There’s a tiny fee, but it’s well worth it for the adorable group gift necklace currently out at the main store.  Yes, that is indeed a message in a bottle, on a string, around my neck!  And to fancy things up a bit, there’s even a strand with colorful beads.  It’s well worth the 100L group fee to join, and even includes a little nommy mouth piece with a dangling message in a bottle.  You know it’s hard for SL ladies to resist cute nommy objects…  Just something about that oral fixation!  On my trip to Pepper, I picked up some cute new flats as well.  Inexpensive and adorable means it’s a must have for me, so I eagerly picked up a pair with roses and bows.


Skin: League
Hair: Elikatira
Ears: Panda Express
Tattoos: Glue Ink (Chest & Hips), Atomic (Sleeves)
Piercings: Plastic Flowers
Bottle Necklace: Pepper
Collar: Blitzed
Nails: Mandala
Jeans: (CMFB Hunt item)
Tops: Berries Inc.
Shoes: Pepper

And can you honestly say this last bit surprises you?  Really?

“Sending out an S.O.S…”

Bubblegum Weekends – Teal Tease

It’s been a few days since I’ve updated, but the weekend is here and I’ve found a bit of time to settle in and share a look!  I actually wore a bit of it for hosting this week, but went back and picked up some extra goodies today.  Also, elf ears have returned for this update!  It was fun just being human for a while, but something about this outfit screamed a need for elf ears.  On that note, Protest and I found something fun that we’ll be sharing tomorrow, hopefully.  The only hint you get is that we’ve gone with a hybrid look and it’s loads of fun.

On the subject of Protest, today marks 5 months of being together.  Yes, we still track the anniversary each month, haha!  Time is so odd in the ways of relationships.  It seems like we’ve known each other for a very long time, yet it seems like the last 5 months have simply flown by.  ♥  Happy anniversary, sweetheart!  I look forward to many more.

Weekends can only mean one thing at this blog…  Bright colors in honor of Bubblegum Weekends!  Today’s hairstyle is one of the fabulous new releases from Elikatira for Collabor88.  If you haven’t heard of it yet or stopped by, make sure to go grab lots of goodies from some of the most popular designers on the grid!  This was my first time purchasing a colors pack from [e], but she really has some amazing shades of colors available and it’s great for the BGW look.  I was rocking different shades from that package when hosting time came up, and I went with a pretty short dress from The Plastik that matched, color-wise.  The bright and bold style with a hint of skin is definitely an eye catcher!  The real gem of this look, for me, is the skin.  Kaethe, the owner of Leafy, is working on a new skin, tweaking things here and there to perfect the look of each detail.  This one, with makeup aptly named Strawberry Fields, will hopefully soon be released as a teaser preview for the line.  I adore the shading on the nose as well as the soft but sexy details of the body. ♥

Skin: Leafy (not yet released)
Hair: Elikatira
Ears: Panda Express
Lip gloss: Pink Fuel
Nail polish: Rezlpsa Loc
Posture Collar: SiniStyle
Dress: The Plastik
Gloves: Glue Ink
Boots: The Abyss

I leave you with a song, because Protest got it stuck in my head and I’d like to share the madness!

8.8. – The Beginning of Collabor88

One of the most exciting things in the Second Life world of fashion occurs when beloved designers join together to collaborate on a project.  Imagine then, a collection of the grid’s favorite and most skilled content creators coming together in a monthly event of releases which all tie in beautifully together.  As if this wasn’t enough to delight SL shopper, add on a reduced price of only 88-188L.  And there you have it, expertly crafted items from a variety of categories, all available at a low price and in one snazzy new location.  Welcome to Collabor88.

As with any new release and well publicized event, I can’t resist taking a peek at the chaos.  I’d scooted in earlier when things were quiet, but just had to go back and grab a snapshot of the busy region.  This event has been talked of for a while, being promoted around the grid, and it has delivered a very impressive starting round.  True to the theme of 8s, you can look forward to a new release each month on the 8th.  This time we have on offering of all sorts of delight, with a list of my favorites below.

  • Illusory – A lovely skin available in several tones.
  • LISP Bazaar – A choice of two adorable seats with cuddles and single poses.
  • *BOOM* – Cute and colorful tanks with a delicious ice cream theme.
  • Truth – An entire fatpack of hair in a new style and a new addition of 8 roots colors!
  • The Sea Hole – Cute dresses in a free fat pack as well as a cute top and shorts outfit.
  • Elikatira – Two different and gorgeous long flowing hairstyles.
  • Grixdale – Three lovely dresses and a bold, fun set of makeup!

And there’s more!  Definitely make your way over to Collabor88 and pick up your own favorites, and take a moment to admire the thought and beauty of the build and how it relates to the theme.  I put together a couple of pieces for a fun, pink look.  I just can’t resist my favorite color. ♥


Skin: League
Hair: Truth (Collabor88!)
Tattoo: The Sea Hole
Nail Polish: Rezlpsa Loc
Top: *BOOM* (Collbaor88!)
Jeans: Atomic
Bracelets: Grixdale
Shoes: Mon Tissu (tinted)

Bubblegum Weekends Time!

One of the sweetest things about summer is how the memories can linger.  We save little flashes of our lives with photographs and the music that creates a soundtrack to our favorite moments.  Then one day, years later, we dust off a forgotten shoebox found high in a closet and relive it all as we slowly flip through one faded picture after another.

I do it myself, sometimes with high school pictures.  I remember past friendships, pause and reflect on the loss of classmates who left the world at a young age, and delight in the inside jokes that I had somehow left behind.  I’m a pack rat when it comes to things like this.  I have a box full of photo albums and old cards, and every time I clean out my closet or go on a rampage of tossing things out…  I sit down and spend hours looking through everything and then put it all away very neatly for another time.  Sometimes I’ll call up one of my best friends afterwards and remind her about something silly I found.  One time it was a quarter we had painted with nail polish to give George’s wig a new color.  My friend and I slipped him back and forth in our tips from the little place we worked at in high school, and when I moved on to college it became a game of slipping him into letters.  It’s so simple, but something that brought back a lot of memories of another time when things were easier.

That aside, today’s look was something sweet and simple.  I did some tweaking on my shape for this lovely skin from Grixdale, and was pretty pleased with the results.  If you like it, you should really give the store a visit!  Tyr has a summer skin sale going on through August 5th, so it’s a great time to try them out and save some money at the same time.  Also, it’s the weekend so it’s time for more candy-colored hair!  Bubblegum Weekends are so bright and happy. ♥


Skin: Grixdale
Hair: Truth
Ears: Panda Express
Top: League
Skirt: League
Shoes: Elikatira
Jewelry: Kosh
Poses: Glitterati and Olive Juice