Shades of Grey

Protest and I have been living in a magical winter wonderland, thanks to his wonderful skills at decorating the home area.  I got the urge to get a little foxy again, and I really feel a bit like an arctic fox in all the snow.  I can’t step out without feeling like I should be bundled up, so we got together and did some wintery outfits to share. ♥  I gotta say, warm clothes and snuggles are the best way to get through chilly weather!

on Lillian:
Skin: *L* Zan – Lumiel Sky DB
Hair: >TRUTH< Faith – espresso
Sweater: Kyoot – Ellery Top (White)
Undershirt: *BOOM* Everyday Tank (snow)
Skirt: Grixdale – Lazy Denim Skirt – Teal (dark)
Tights: Kyoot – Hollander Leggings (Cream)
Shoes: [e] Millside Flats – Smoke
Fox Parts: Mutation Industries [ripped from a full avatar]
Necklace & Ring: KOSH – Hibernation
Poses: Atomic & Glitterati

On Protest:
Skin: Fruk Lennon – The Smooth Operator T2
Facial Hair: Fruk – The Stinger Beard Black
Hair: *DROT* – Tommy Black Ice
Gloves: SiniStyle – Man Handled
Glasses: *Muism* Galliano
Scarf: -[AddiCt] – Minnu Scarf/Soot
Jeans: !Zoobong – Platini Jeans – Grey
Top: [2byte] Stripe Shirt – Blue
Eyes: .ID. Shine Eyes – Dark Blue
Boots: DRD – Lazy Buck Black
Poses: Olive Juice

And here’s a song from a band that holds a special place in my heart.  This song is gorgeous, and the intro makes me giggle!  What’s not to love?

“And I can’t fall asleep without a little help, it takes a lot to settle down…”
– The National


Hipsters and Paint.

There are times when the creative spark inspires us.  You may be moved to write a song, story, poem…  Or perhaps something more sentimental, like a love letter.  Maybe the muse pushes you in other directions, to sketch and paint and create a masterpiece with your hands.  It takes time and a certain amount of dedication to let the creative process flow through you and lead to a finished work.  To be quite honest, I’ve been slacking.  My inner muse screams at me every now and then, but I struggle to find the time and proper tools to get the vision in my mind translated into actuality.  As a result it’s been quite a while since I drew anything I really cared for…

But enough about me.  This post is sort of a late ode to Fifty Linden Fridays. Yes, I know it’s Saturday now, but I had the idea yesterday.  Unfortunately, I found myself passing out before it was achieved…  This seems to be a theme!  Weekends means Bubblegum Weekends, so I tinted the fun new Lamb hair I got (also from Collabor88!) into a deep shade of purple and rolled around in some paint!

Easel & Paintbrush: Baffle!
Skin: Tres Blah
Hair: Lamb
Tank, Shorts, & Paint: Tres Blah *
Shoes: Maitreya
Poses: Olive Juice *
Nail Polish: RezIpsa Loc

* Fifty Linden Fridays items!

And because it’s stuck in my head, I want to share it (and get it stuck in yours)!  Enjoy a random song from Mr. A-Z. ♥

“If you are what you eat, in my case I’ll be sweet, so come and get some!”

New Approach?

Some days I’m cutesy for hosting, some days I’m skanky.  I’ve gotten tired of the crappy tips from skanky clothes, so it’s time for a cute look.  Honestly, I’ve wanted to do an outfit with this particular print option from Plastik’s Aeda slacks since I first laid eyes on them, but today was when I finally got the inspiration.  This ensemble is filled with cute little items I’ve had my eye on for some time but had delayed for some reason or another.  Those cute bow earrings?  Yeah, I didn’t think they’d work when I was so dedicated to being an elf that I was never seen without some sort of elf ears.  I’ve decided to me a bit more human for a while (Being Human, anyone?), so I took the opportunity to snatch the cute jewelry up from Bellballs.  Real life was a bit odd today, so after it all I came home and unwound while making Lil adorable.  Protest and I recently gave up on breeding a large amount of meeroos (around 40 live roos was our limit, I love decorating our houses far too much to allow them to eat up anymore prims than that) and began selling them off, which is very exciting in many ways.

1.)  This means we actually see some rewards, though they may be small, from the time and effort we put in.
2.) More prims!  We can get detailed with the decor!
3.)  Extra lindens, which means I can get some cute things in SL as well as cash in some to help out with a small bill or two.

Basically, the situation is an all around win!  I enjoyed meeroos for a bit, but it’s time for a break from dumping money into them with limited results.  Congratulations to all those who’ve had more luck with the game than we have!  You do show us some awfully cute roos.  *coughKAETHEcough*  As I ramble on, let me explain my little meeroo rant there.  I relaxed after work, put together the cute look, and then went and joined Protest at a meeroo auction where we did NOT manage to unload the particular one we had up for sale.  It was amusing, though.  We always find humor in the most simple little things and we definitely picked up a few inside jokes from this experience.  So without delay, let’s dive into some pure fashion and get on with the outfit!


Skin: Pink Fuel (limited edition for Culture Shock event)
Hair: Truth
Necklace and Earrings: Bellballs
Ring: Elate!
Jacket: Mon Tissu
Skirt: The Plastik
Shoes: Urban Bomb Unit
Poses: Olive Juice

And in case you thought I was joking about looking out of place when hosting at Zero in my cutesy style…  Have a peek!

BubbleGum Weekends – A Wild Greasemonkey Appears~!

taken @ the crack den | pose from Olive Juice

Growing up, I spent a lot of time around an auto repair shop.  My grandfather was a mechanic and ran one of a couple of shops in town.  I remember afternoons after school in the office, toying with the tiny working parts on his collectible cars and sneaking jellybeans out of a jar for customers.  One would think with this sort of background to my childhood would have me fixing my car anytime I have issues, but things didn’t quite work out that way.  Instead, I feel I’ve made quite the accomplishment by changing a tire.  Not quite the grease monkey granddaughter one could expect!  Sure sure, I have my tomboy mannerisms but this is one that I skipped.

That doesn’t mean I can’t appreciate a beautiful car, though.  He did teach me a love for that.  And I guess there’s a little hint of that nostalgia, or bad girl dream left in me, and it lead to today’s look.  It’s still Bubblegum Weekends time, so we continue on with the bright hair and add some bad-ass girlie looks.  I like to call this one Watermelon-flavoured Grease Monkey.  I especially adore the details of the jeans and the color change bandana hanging from the pocket!


Skin: League
Hair: Truth
Piercings: HoD (2 face, 1 chest)
Tattoo: Para Designs
Top: League
Jeans: League
Shoes: Urban Bomb Unit
Bracelets: Pepper
Poses: The Secret Hideaway, Olive Juice, Glitterati,*
*hooray variety

Bubblegum Weekends Time!

One of the sweetest things about summer is how the memories can linger.  We save little flashes of our lives with photographs and the music that creates a soundtrack to our favorite moments.  Then one day, years later, we dust off a forgotten shoebox found high in a closet and relive it all as we slowly flip through one faded picture after another.

I do it myself, sometimes with high school pictures.  I remember past friendships, pause and reflect on the loss of classmates who left the world at a young age, and delight in the inside jokes that I had somehow left behind.  I’m a pack rat when it comes to things like this.  I have a box full of photo albums and old cards, and every time I clean out my closet or go on a rampage of tossing things out…  I sit down and spend hours looking through everything and then put it all away very neatly for another time.  Sometimes I’ll call up one of my best friends afterwards and remind her about something silly I found.  One time it was a quarter we had painted with nail polish to give George’s wig a new color.  My friend and I slipped him back and forth in our tips from the little place we worked at in high school, and when I moved on to college it became a game of slipping him into letters.  It’s so simple, but something that brought back a lot of memories of another time when things were easier.

That aside, today’s look was something sweet and simple.  I did some tweaking on my shape for this lovely skin from Grixdale, and was pretty pleased with the results.  If you like it, you should really give the store a visit!  Tyr has a summer skin sale going on through August 5th, so it’s a great time to try them out and save some money at the same time.  Also, it’s the weekend so it’s time for more candy-colored hair!  Bubblegum Weekends are so bright and happy. ♥


Skin: Grixdale
Hair: Truth
Ears: Panda Express
Top: League
Skirt: League
Shoes: Elikatira
Jewelry: Kosh
Poses: Glitterati and Olive Juice

Bellballs and FLF love.

I tend to avoid wearing earrings in SL because I don’t always feel like taking the time to tweak them to the right angles for elf ears, but I finally was encouraged to change that mindset by some jewelry from Bellballs.  There are several beautiful and detailed pieces within the store and it’s a great place to find eye candies for your ears and neck!  Beyond that, there’s a lovely design to the sim that makes it a very fun destination for wandering around.

Also, next Friday is the second birthday of Fifty Linden Friday and there are some truly fabulous stores on this week’s list.  I didn’t go for a full on FLF look for my post, but I am sporting a few items from the event.  Be sure and check The Rumor for some great coverage on each store’s product!


Skin: League
Hair: Elikatira (FLF!)
Ears: Panda Express
Tattoo: Nox
Earrings & Necklace: Bellballs
Top: Kyoot (FLF!)
FlipFlops: Maitreya
Poses: Olive Juice (FLF!)