It’s been a long time since I’ve updated, mainly because holiday stress has been overwhelming me lately.  The joys of working retail during Christmas always get me, and this year I’m faring a tiny bit better but still struggling with it.  However, today I go in to close and had a nice morning with dozing in, getting breakfast, and watching Justified.  And while I watched, I did my usual multi-tasking thing and tweaked and added to a look I made last night to host possibly my last shift at Club Zero.

I got this dress as I went to check ~TSG~ for something else and just couldn’t resist it any longer.  I may be crazy, or a little obsessed with sweets, but the colors really remind me of Neapolitan ice cream!  It also comes in a tan version, for those who don’t care for pink.

Skin: [PF] Elly <Milk> – Angelic (dkbrow)
Hair: >TRUTH< Astrid – espresso
Face Tattoo: :[P]:- Demon Fades- Tattoo/Face-Aanh (old Lazy Sunday item)
Tattoo Sleeves: :::Sn@tch Apnea Tattoo:::
Necklace: part of ~Pepper~Mouthchain DogTag
Dress: “TSG” Illusions Dress
Tights: erratic / fishnet wide – full / black 1
Boots: <TheAbyss> F_Boots//Stompers [Black]
Poses: Glitterati

Protest shared this really pretty song with my today, and it’s soothing and peaceful, as well as sweet.  ♥  I figured I could at least share it with you guys, too. 🙂


Things to Keep You Warm at Night

I’m pleased to say things are finally beginning to get chilly in Texas!  It doesn’t stay that way, but the mornings and evenings are cool enough for a light jacket and I’m thrilled.  I was beginning to think we were going to have summer weather all the way into winter!  In celebration in the change in temperature, this blog post is all about the things that will keep you warm at night.  I’m featuring three…  Cozy sweaters, delicious lattes, and…  I think we all know what you can do to stay warm with a condom.

I really had way too much fun bugging Zaz tonight and singing “BOOTS WIF DA FURRRR!” at her. ♥  Joking aside, I adore these boots from Kookie down to their little fuzzy pompoms.  They’ve been in my inventory for almost a year and I’ve just never really gotten the right clothes to wear them with.  Hope you guys enjoy the look as much as I did!

Skin: [PF] Elly <Chai> – Meow (dkbrow)
Hair: ::Exile:: Esme:Roots-Drift
Tattoo: .Pekka. Heart n wings Tattoo
Lip gloss: .Pekka. HOMICIDAL Lipstick (pain)
Necklace: ~Pepper~ Necklace –  Key To My Heart – TFG
Condom: Meow. style – Rubber – Unicorn 6
Latte: {theosophy} Pumpkin Spice Latte
Top: .:A&M:. Bicolor Tee (gals)  Light Grey – Love
Sweater: .:villena:. – feel like home sweater pink
Jeans: – Low Cut Jeans Dark Blue Torned [Xtra Low]
Boots: *Kookie* Pomski Boots –  Snow white

And on that note, a pumpkin latte from Starbucks sounds like a good purchase for the day…  Hmm.

As The Rush Comes…

A good friend of mine and a talented DJ, Dystopic, uses SL as his chance to experiment with transitions and music.  The way he manipulates sound blows my mind and I can only believe it because I hear it.  He has drastically raised my expectations of DJs and listening to him spin is something I look forward to every week.  Lucky for me, he’s recorded a few of his mixes and I can listen to them wherever and whenever the mood strikes.  Perhaps my favorite genre for Dystopic mixes is trance, so I’ve been zoning out to his flawless work the last couple of days.

This inspired today’s look.  I wanted to capture that vivid and weightless feeling that trance delivers, so I did some digging and piecing together from my inventory with a couple of new additions.  The oh so popular Lelutka hairstyle that’s been all over the feeds as of late was too perfect to deny for the theme, and the bright colors from *BOOM* made me very excited about the overall look.

Also, today is my blog’s 3 month anniversary!  It’s a small achievement, but I’m thrilled that I’ve kept up with posting and not abandoned my blog like so many livejournals of years gone by.  Thank you viewers, you keep me motivated! ♥

Skin: Pink Fuel – Elly <Honey> – Spotted Love (dkbrow) {Diamond is Mine Hunt 2}
Hair: LeLutka – BLYTHE hair – Marilyn
Tattoo: .ILLUSORY. – Tattoo Stars Addiction (Color) – Medium
Shirt: Berries Inc. –  lOoK! top small view light grey
Bra: *BOOM* – I Promise Lace trim bra (turqouise and lime)
Shorts: *BOOM* – Feel Free Shorts (lime washed)
Nails: Mandala – [FEMALE NAIL PALETTE 1 Medium]
Necklace: ~Pepper~ – DogTag Mouthchain
Bangles: *BOOM* – Bangled Mess Electric Blue & Lime
Boots: <TheAbyss> –  F_Boots//Stompers [ElectricBlue]

“No wonder I have lost myself through time…
This sneaky little wonder makes me go out of my mind…
Out of my mind…”

Bubblegum & Baseball

A really cute and colorful new store has been grabbing my attention lately, and that’s Blah. from Hoshi Kimono.  Today I was thrilled with the possibilities of a Saturday Night Fevah edition of her My Used Baseball Tees and My Super Short Skirts.  Available in two different combos of mix and match pieces, each item is only 40L and cute as hell!  I had some ideas to wear both the top and skirt I chose, but wound up going in a different direction with my look.  The skirt isn’t pictured today, but I’m looking forward to wearing it in other blogs! ♥

Skin: Pink Fuel – Elly <Sugar> Gloom (rdbrow) {Limited Edition for Culture Shock}
Hair: Elikatira – Wave Colour 09
Eye Black: ~Pepper~ – Face Paint -1-
Necklace: 19Motorcycle – Wrench Necklace 2.02 Ladies
Top: Blah – My Used Baseball Tee (Pink Cali)
Jeans: Ronsem – Cropped Denim Jeans
Shoes: UBU – PornStar Lo-Tops
Bat: -RC- Baseball Bat
Poses: & Glitterati

The pink accents in my new top seemed perfect for the color shades from Elikatira, making it really easy to pull together a Bubblegum Weekends look.  The new-ish hairstyle I picked up really lent itself to a baseball theme, and I really adore the cute messy pigtail style.  I often wore my long hair in a ponytail/bun mess that resembled this look, so it made me grin the moment I saw it.  Sadly, it’s hard to show in pictures with a front view!  Do you have favorite hairstyles that look simple or plain because the elaborate/cute aspects are tough to show in a portrait?


The real world has me pretty busy, still.  However, I still found the time to get around to a more tribal themed look!  I’ve had this amazing outfit from Panda Express for a while now, but hadn’t really done anything with it except run around half naked on occasion.  I love all the attention paid to detail on it, though.  The accessories really complete the outfit and it’s well worth the price.  If I had more time, I’d have made my way over to Neverwhere to get the perfect image in the ensemble, but life had other plans for me.  Things are gonna be brief with this update as I’ll be running out to join family soon.  Hope you guys like it anyway! ♥

Also, I finally got some more votes on my poll about credits information!  I’ll be posting the full item information instead of only store information from here on out.  Thanks for the feedback, guys!

Skin: Pink Fuel – Elly <Chai> – Gunmetal
Hair: /Wasabi Pills/ – Vicky Hair – Chocolate
Horns: Illusions – *~*Dreamcatcher Nivicola Horns
Faun Parts:  Illusory – Goat_Basic White
Body Paint: [twee] – Che’val (full)
Tribal Outfit & Accessories: Panda Express – Scavenger Cannibal- Thread

And because I can’t listen to this song without wanting to run around half naked and covered in body paint, and I can’t run around half naked in body paint without listening to this song…

“All along the western front, people line up to receive
She got the power in her hands to shock you like you won’t believe
Saw her in the Amazon with the voltage running through her skin
Standing there with nothing on, she’s gonna teach me how to swim “

September Cuddles

I’ve been a little absent the last few days.  Protest and I celebrated six months together all weekend and on Tuesday (the actual date!).  I’ve also realized I kinda let myself go…  Between working and being cozy with a sweet guy, I haven’t put a lot of effort into taking care of myself.  As a result, it’s time for me to get busy again!  I started working out yesterday and have returned to the world of aching muscles and P90X pain.  It’s a long hard journey, but it’s very rewarding.  This isn’t my first time taking the path, but I’m determined to make a full run of it and keep it up!  No more chubby RL Lillian’s allowed!

September is here and I’m so ready for the comfy sweaters and cool weather snuggles.  Sadly, I’m in Texas and the weather hasn’t quite shifted here yet.  However, being in SL allows us the luxuries of ignoring RL weather and donning whatever suits our mood.  To welcome in that season I’m looking forward to, I snuggled up in an adorable top and decided to bring this blog post to you!

Skin: Pink Fuel (Kumi – Limited Edition for PCF)
Hair: Lelutka
Nails: Mandala
Necklace: Concrete Flowers
Sweaters: Izzie’s
Jeans: The Whore
Boots: Miel

Today I had some favorite items I wanted to spotlight.  The Tinman necklace I wore was from one of the weekly sales events.  I grabbed it up because I thought it was cute and clever, but never got around to wearing it.  When I slipped it on today, I found out that it has some really nifty details!  Beyond the pretty detailed design of the clock, there’s a menu with options to set the clock to your timezone.  You can even adjust it to compensate for DST!  Also, I finally got around to purchasing the Far boots from Miel and have absolutely no regrets.  There’s several color options for the socks and they’re perfect to complete a fall or wintery look.  And as one can expect from Miel, the level of detail is beautiful.

That wraps up things for today!  Hopefully I’ll be posting more as I find a way to balance my new schedule with the workouts.

Beans of Obsession!

Second Life fads catch on quickly and spark into wild things that take the grid by storm and breed an almost obsessive passion.  The current popular goodie is from Ohmai Emporium, and tasty as well as clever.  Gachas are damned near irresistible and this one is no exception.  Simply pay 5L and you are rewarded with one of 100 jellybeans, modeled after the selection from the Harry Potter world’s Bertie Bott’s Every Flavor Beans.  This means you could end up with something deliciously yummy, like cheesecake.  However, there’s also a chance of getting a nasty surprise like dirty socks of swamp water (which is surprisingly pretty and glows)!

With Zaziel Helix and Protest Zsun, displaying PB&J Sandwich, the coveted Rainbow, and Gingerbread.

Protest and I went and spent a great deal of time and lindens at the store collecting jelly beans, and our friend Zaziel Helix joined us for the festivities!  I think my favorite part was the need to keep seeing what each new bean would be and then testing out the effects the tongue may have.  Even though there’s a handy chart of the appearance of each flavor’s bean, the tongues are a bit of a mystery until you actually see it!  For example, with the gingerbread one pictured above, there’s a gingerbread man shaped shadow on the tongue.  Rainbow leaves a colorful streak of it’s namesake, and PB&J leaves a jelly stain.

I’ve also decided to push myself to continue trying hairs other than Truth and Elikatira.  Yes, I own others and like them, but they seem to be my steady fallback.  This week I ventured out in styles to Exile and Ploom, and my finds were extremely rewarding.  They may not be the newest releases from each store, but they’re quite recent and very new to me.  I knew the stores existed, but I guess I was just so comfortable with the known that I didn’t pay them the attention they deserved.  My apologies to both Ploom and Exile!  I have changed my ways and will be making frequent visits.


Skin: Pink Fuel
Ears: Panda Express
Top: Grasp
Necklace: HoD
Bracelets: *BOOM*
Tattoo: Pekka
Nails: Mandala
Hair: Ploom (far left) and Exile
Beans pictured: Pixie Dust (it glows!), lipstick (kiss marks!), and grape soda

BGW – Grape Soda

As you may have noticed lately, I’ve been on the hunt for stores that I haven’t shopped at before.  I guess that goes without saying, honestly, seeing as everyone is always searching for new looks and styles…  But I guess I’ve been putting a bit more effort into it as of late.  As favorite stores get cycled out due to closings, it’s time to find new blood and new fashions!  Tram is not a new store, but it’s one I hadn’t visited before.  I remember seeing some friends with the most adorable little frilly white halter top from the brand, and decided that today was time for me to get around to checking it out for myself.  I was thrilled to find that I liked much more than just the top I’d gone in search of!  I positively squealed over some sweet flats I found (in a nice selection of bright colors) as well as cute long knit coats and other accessories.  If you’re a little behind like myself, now is a great time to take a trip to Tram and see what you’ve been missing out on!

Visit Tram!

Fear not!  I did not forget Bubblegum Weekends!  I had originally planned to rock my friend Zaz’s favorite hair color from my wild colors days, coolmint by Truth.  However, once I snatched up the bright purple flats from Tram, it was clear that our flavor of the week would be a bit more grape oriented.  I’m also trying to begin coaxing myself to say goodbye to the skimpy summer clothing and shift into cool weather looks, like cozy sweaters and other goodies.  Living in Texas helps me hang onto the summer far longer than most, but…  It’s coming.  For now, summer continues to reign in my SL.  Hope you guys enjoy!


Skin: Pink Fuel
Hair: Truth
Nails: Mandala
Tattoo: Pekka (dollarbie!)
Earrings: Bellballs Essentials
Bracelets: Bellballs Essentials
Top: Tram
Skirt: Grixdale *
Shoes: Tram

* Yes, Grixdale is closed.  However, all of the denim products Tyr produced under that label will soon be added to her current project, Aura!  This means if you missed out, you’ll get a chance again very soon.

Something good…

Today was a busy day at work, but I had a really amazing upbeat song in my head the whole time.  If I started to get a bit worn down?  Oh no, I simply remembered the lyrics, hummed to myself, and kept going.  I had some fun things to look forward to as well, so that helped keep me pumped up!

We’ve said goodbye to many great stores in the last few days, so I think it’s time to say hello to someone new!  Or, perhaps, just new to me…  [G.E.N.R.E] is a bright and colorful store with a variety of clothes in bold prints and a very high fun factor!  There are also shapes available, if you’re in the market for a new one, and different accessories.  It’s well worth a visit, so be sure and take a look to find something that suits your own style.  I can’t wait to see what new looks we’ll be seeing from this brand. ♥

Visit [G.E.N.R.E]!


Skin: League
Hair: Exile
Tattoo: Illusory
Nails & Rings: Mandala
Gloves: Glue Ink
Collar & Rosary: Panda Express (New)
Dresses: [G.E.N.R.E]
Fishnets: *blowpop*
Boots: Resurrection

Tops: [G.E.N.R.E]
Shorts: Epic

You may have noticed the nicely detailed collar also featured in this look!  This is a new release item from Kioko’s Panda Express, and comes with the rosary as well.  There are a few different color options via menu, so it’s a great piece to mix and match with your different outfits.  And that song that had me pumped up today?  Check it below…

“Just know that something good is gonna happen…”

Baby Vamp

I seem to be getting into a habit of only updating at certain times…  Bubblegum Weekends and somewhat sporadically through the weekdays, but Wednesdays are always promising.  This is mainly because Wednesday is my day off from work, and I have extra time for fun things like reading, watching random movies, and blogging.

Protest and I have been watching True Blood together for a bit now, even though we’re a bit late on this week’s episode.  We’ll get to that later today, I hope!  Anyways, Jessica Hamby has a certain appeal that’s hard to deny.  She’s a character who sort of got thrown into an unexpected situation and keeps rolling with the punches, despite a roller coaster ride of emotional highs and lows.  Perhaps that’s the reason it’s easy to connect with her…  Though it’s not exactly like we’ve all been turned into vampires against our will, there are certain circumstances which are always beyond our control that may make life a bit more difficult than we had planned.

Hey, and she blogs!  HBO has made the most adorable little blog, reminiscent of musings from my high school days and livejournal, belonging to the self proclaimed baby vamp.  I think my favorite entry may be where Jessica simply plays with her fangs, practicing!  Honestly, it’s difficult to pick.  Either way, I think it’s an awfully fun idea and really adds a bit of character development that is hard to portray through a weekly show that follows the shenanigans of many other characters.

Because of this, I’ve been wanting to do a “baby vamp” inspired look for a while.  I’ve had the idea, I’ve known the skin I wanted, and had many other thoughts on it.  I think I got the push with a bad day at work yesterday and the tough times that Jessica Hamby is currently dealing with this season.  It’s been emotional, and it takes a toll on a girl.


Skin: Pink Fuel – Elly <Cream> – Bloodthirsty
Hair: Elikatira – [e] – Want – Blonde 09 (tinted)
Eyes: Insufferable Dastard – .ID. Light Sensitive/Bloodshot – Ice
Tears: Repulse – Bloody Tears III Face Tattoo (Free on Marketplace!)
Shirt:  Aoharu – BT OpenLongShirt Red Plaid
Undershirt: – Tanktop Eggplant
Jeans: – Trya Jeans Washed Blue w/ Skinny Cuffs
Shoes: Absolution – Rose Flats – Grey (no longer available)

I decided to be a little more detailed with the item descriptions today.  I like how much quicker it is to just type the store name, but if people prefer the full information, I can force myself to make the switch!  Vote on it?