I’m trying to get back in the spin of things, so here’s a quick post between work and bedtime. 🙂

I came up with this look the other day for hosting at E.B.S., the Emergency Broadcast System.  It’s a ridiculously awesome, filthy and carefree club owned by the most amazing DJ I’ve ever heard spin in Second Life.  Better than some of the ones I’ve heard in real life, now that I think about it…  Anyways, I got this fun new blindfold from Panda Express and had been considering making a copy with the ivy turned transparent…  But I ended up loving the splash of color from the leaves too much!  There are different color options for it, and Kioko created a variety of themed blindfolds, so there’s really something for everyone!

Skin: *League* Sia Pale Apricot -Cleavage
Hair: >TRUTH< Ricci – treacle
Face Tattoo: The Plastik – :[P]:-Soul Ink-Watercolor
Lip Gloss: !bullwinkle. Lip Gloss
Tattoo: [Plastik]– Feathers Tattoo – Barely There – Face
Blindfold: +pe+ Growth Blind Fold
Nails & Rings: Mandala – simple/MANDALA /female/SINRA 2 NAIL/black
Gloves: [GLUE INK] Ree Gloves (Leopard)
Necklace: [19MC] Wrench Necklace 2.02 Ladies
Top: Davinel – Ferocious – Magpie (updated)
Skirt: [Plastik] :[P]:-Minimalist Bands-P-Noir
Belt: <TheAbyss> NAU Combat Belt_FEM
Tights: erratic / fishnet wide – full / black 1
Boots: TonkTastic – Resistance Boots (boxed)
Poses: Glitterati &

Heard this song on my short drive home and I loved it enough that I wanted to share it with you.  I hope that it can bring a positive light or bit of hope to your evening! ♥



It’s been a long time since I’ve updated, mainly because holiday stress has been overwhelming me lately.  The joys of working retail during Christmas always get me, and this year I’m faring a tiny bit better but still struggling with it.  However, today I go in to close and had a nice morning with dozing in, getting breakfast, and watching Justified.  And while I watched, I did my usual multi-tasking thing and tweaked and added to a look I made last night to host possibly my last shift at Club Zero.

I got this dress as I went to check ~TSG~ for something else and just couldn’t resist it any longer.  I may be crazy, or a little obsessed with sweets, but the colors really remind me of Neapolitan ice cream!  It also comes in a tan version, for those who don’t care for pink.

Skin: [PF] Elly <Milk> – Angelic (dkbrow)
Hair: >TRUTH< Astrid – espresso
Face Tattoo: :[P]:- Demon Fades- Tattoo/Face-Aanh (old Lazy Sunday item)
Tattoo Sleeves: :::Sn@tch Apnea Tattoo:::
Necklace: part of ~Pepper~Mouthchain DogTag
Dress: “TSG” Illusions Dress
Tights: erratic / fishnet wide – full / black 1
Boots: <TheAbyss> F_Boots//Stompers [Black]
Poses: Glitterati

Protest shared this really pretty song with my today, and it’s soothing and peaceful, as well as sweet.  ♥  I figured I could at least share it with you guys, too. 🙂

Bubblegum Weekends – Teal Tease

It’s been a few days since I’ve updated, but the weekend is here and I’ve found a bit of time to settle in and share a look!  I actually wore a bit of it for hosting this week, but went back and picked up some extra goodies today.  Also, elf ears have returned for this update!  It was fun just being human for a while, but something about this outfit screamed a need for elf ears.  On that note, Protest and I found something fun that we’ll be sharing tomorrow, hopefully.  The only hint you get is that we’ve gone with a hybrid look and it’s loads of fun.

On the subject of Protest, today marks 5 months of being together.  Yes, we still track the anniversary each month, haha!  Time is so odd in the ways of relationships.  It seems like we’ve known each other for a very long time, yet it seems like the last 5 months have simply flown by.  ♥  Happy anniversary, sweetheart!  I look forward to many more.

Weekends can only mean one thing at this blog…  Bright colors in honor of Bubblegum Weekends!  Today’s hairstyle is one of the fabulous new releases from Elikatira for Collabor88.  If you haven’t heard of it yet or stopped by, make sure to go grab lots of goodies from some of the most popular designers on the grid!  This was my first time purchasing a colors pack from [e], but she really has some amazing shades of colors available and it’s great for the BGW look.  I was rocking different shades from that package when hosting time came up, and I went with a pretty short dress from The Plastik that matched, color-wise.  The bright and bold style with a hint of skin is definitely an eye catcher!  The real gem of this look, for me, is the skin.  Kaethe, the owner of Leafy, is working on a new skin, tweaking things here and there to perfect the look of each detail.  This one, with makeup aptly named Strawberry Fields, will hopefully soon be released as a teaser preview for the line.  I adore the shading on the nose as well as the soft but sexy details of the body. ♥

Skin: Leafy (not yet released)
Hair: Elikatira
Ears: Panda Express
Lip gloss: Pink Fuel
Nail polish: Rezlpsa Loc
Posture Collar: SiniStyle
Dress: The Plastik
Gloves: Glue Ink
Boots: The Abyss

I leave you with a song, because Protest got it stuck in my head and I’d like to share the madness!