Classic Black and White

It’s been a while since I’ve posted…  Honestly, retail hell has struck!  But there’s an adorable new dress out from Blah. at Fashionably Late, and I couldn’t resist creating a classy little black and white look.  Between the colors and the hair style, which is new from [e] and available at Collabor88, I feel a bit like a first lady.  However, I doubt you’d find one attending any formal gatherings in such a short dress, haha!  I tried to offset this with some nice hosiery, so perhaps it all worked out.

Skin: *League* Taylor Pale -Apricot- Cleavage
Hair: [e] Soft – Brown 08 *
Lipstick: [PF] Elly <C/M/H> – Glam Lipstick – (Vamp)
Earrings: [PM]Pixel Mode – Pearl Earing (group gift July)
Necklace: (Yummy) Simple Pearl Necklace *
Dress: Blah. (My HighWaist Lace Dress – Black/White)
Stockings: *Sheer* Tights 01: Nylon Black
Heels: N-core COQUETTE Glitter Edition “Black”

*@ Collabor88


As The Rush Comes…

A good friend of mine and a talented DJ, Dystopic, uses SL as his chance to experiment with transitions and music.  The way he manipulates sound blows my mind and I can only believe it because I hear it.  He has drastically raised my expectations of DJs and listening to him spin is something I look forward to every week.  Lucky for me, he’s recorded a few of his mixes and I can listen to them wherever and whenever the mood strikes.  Perhaps my favorite genre for Dystopic mixes is trance, so I’ve been zoning out to his flawless work the last couple of days.

This inspired today’s look.  I wanted to capture that vivid and weightless feeling that trance delivers, so I did some digging and piecing together from my inventory with a couple of new additions.  The oh so popular Lelutka hairstyle that’s been all over the feeds as of late was too perfect to deny for the theme, and the bright colors from *BOOM* made me very excited about the overall look.

Also, today is my blog’s 3 month anniversary!  It’s a small achievement, but I’m thrilled that I’ve kept up with posting and not abandoned my blog like so many livejournals of years gone by.  Thank you viewers, you keep me motivated! ♥

Skin: Pink Fuel – Elly <Honey> – Spotted Love (dkbrow) {Diamond is Mine Hunt 2}
Hair: LeLutka – BLYTHE hair – Marilyn
Tattoo: .ILLUSORY. – Tattoo Stars Addiction (Color) – Medium
Shirt: Berries Inc. –  lOoK! top small view light grey
Bra: *BOOM* – I Promise Lace trim bra (turqouise and lime)
Shorts: *BOOM* – Feel Free Shorts (lime washed)
Nails: Mandala – [FEMALE NAIL PALETTE 1 Medium]
Necklace: ~Pepper~ – DogTag Mouthchain
Bangles: *BOOM* – Bangled Mess Electric Blue & Lime
Boots: <TheAbyss> –  F_Boots//Stompers [ElectricBlue]

“No wonder I have lost myself through time…
This sneaky little wonder makes me go out of my mind…
Out of my mind…”

The Elf Returns.

Oh wowza, I let the blog kinda hang out and take a little weekend break there…  Anyways, I’m back and wanted to flaunt the flexibility of a new piece from The Plastik!  This particular one was a special edition for the La Venta Eventa, a pretty nifty weekend sales event.  It’s an exciting piece and I’m really looking forward to the full release!  I showed a few of the different ways to wear the dress in the picture, as a high waist skirt, a tube top, or a very pretty and refreshingly different dress.


Skin: Pink Fuel
Hair: Truth
Piercings: Plastic Flowers
Tattoo: The Sea Hole
Ears: Panda Express
Dress & Slacks: The Plastik
Bra: Fishy Strawberry
Shoes: Pixel Mode

Bubblegum Weekends – Beachy

It’s Saturday, which means it’s time again for bright colors, summer fun, and Bubblegum Weekends!  I didn’t think I could really manage a bright green hair look before, but it turns out I was wrong.  Together with some fun accessories and an adorable bikini top from *BOOM* I managed to make the look a lot of fun!  Mmm, bright colors make Lillian a very happy elf.

I still can’t seem to abandon the Maitreya flipflops.  They’re entirely too perfect for this time of year and…  honestly, living in Texas, I pretty much wear flipflops on a daily basis.  Doesn’t matter what season, unless it’s about 40 degrees, I’ll be strollin’ in the sandals.  Plus they come with adorable anklets, like the dragonfly one I featured in the closeup image.  The necklace and bracelets pictured from Miel are way too much fun, as well.  They allow you to change the beads to your choice of letters of symbols, as well as changing between 4 different color theme options.


Skin: Pink Fuel
Hair: Truth
Ears: Panda Express
Piercings: Plastic Flowers
Jewelry: Miel
Bikini Top: *BOOM*
Shorts: Mon Tissu
FlipFlops: Maitreya
Tattoo: The Sea Hole

Bouncy Friday!

I’m trying to cling to the amazing positive energy I snatched up when things started heading in the right direction, and hopefully it’ll push me into making more good things happen.  Life is feeling a bit brighter, so I felt like today should be fun and bouncy as well!  Yes, I know these shoes were used in yesterday’s look but they were the perfect shade of pink and I’d honestly neglected them for three months.


Skin: League (again!)
Makeup: Pink Fuel (again!)
Piercings: ellabella
Hair: Elikatira
Top: Berries Inc (2 versions layered)
Bra: *BOOM*
Pants: The Plastik
Shoes: Mon Tissu

The pants, Aeda Slacks, are actually a free gift from the subscribo group that was just put out at The Plastik.  I was pretty thrilled for a chance to try them out, as she’s released a lovely set of print versions at the store.  I was skeptical originally because the price tag (499L) seemed a bit hefty for a pair of pants, but I failed to realize just how many options were available for that bundle.  You get 12 different styles for just 499L?!  And for those who favor a hybrid or furry style, there’s even a digi-leg flare option.  These pants have suddenly become a must have for me, and I imagine I’ll pick up a good little handful of the different prints to try out different flirty summer looks.

Look of the Day – 7.14.11

The economic crisis seems to be hitting all of us pretty hard these days.  It’s something everyone seems to be feeling and struggling from, aside from the people with the luxury of being able to purchase iPads for their 10 year olds…  But that’s a different rant entirely.  Back to the struggles, I’ve been dealing with my student loans and failure at getting a good job to be able to start paying on those bad boys.  Thankfully, it all seems to be working out for the moment and I actually had a really helpful phone call I just wrapped up regarding the loans.  It’s small, but it’s a huge relief to have at least one of my big real life issues moving in a positive direction.

Still, store owners in second life are facing the hard times of sales dropping due to the economic state as well.  Though sometimes it’s simply a case of real life needing more attention, many more well loved stores are having to close down than one may usually see.  Today I’m pretty bummed that I didn’t get a chance to see how far Absolution could go, but at least I do have the joy of some pretty adorable items I snatched up while the store was around.


Skin: League
Hair: Milana
Ears: Panda Express (edited)
Piercings: ellabella (heavily edited)
Neclace & Bracelet: League
Top: Absolution
Skirt: Grixdale
Shoes: Mon Tissu

Black Tie Affair

I think Protest and I had been discussing doing a picture with a Black and White theme for a few months now, and finally got around to it today.  I think I dig it. ♥  Pose from E.inK.

Yeah, not super chatty today.  Got lots going on, still getting some real life things squared away and hoping all works out for the best.  Until then, enjoy a full shot and credits!


Skin: Leafy
Hair: Posh
Ears: Panda Express
Piercings: Plastic Flowers
Necklace: DECO
Dress: Plastik (No Longer Available)
Ring: Magic Nook
Heels: Pixel Mode


Hair – [Anaphora]
Skin – Kento
Tie – (O&N)
Ears – Aitui
Shoes – Kookie
Pants – Atomic
Vest – {Giscali}

Just Another LOTD.

So I’ve been feeling the romance style as of late, with a combination of super casual jeans and flipflops.  Yes, still the maitreya ones.  ♥  I pretty much live in flipflops when not at work in RL, so I wouldn’t be surprised if this transitions into my av style as well.  There’s lot of stuff going on, I’m resolving some pretty tense RL issues and also distracted by the calling of favorite TV shows.  So without further delay, I’ll get a quick LOTD for you all and go off to my TV and cuddle date. :}

Oh, I almost forgot!  Saaaaah-wooooooooon!  Kioko of Panda Express made new ears and they’re pretty amazingly cute.  Beyond all the fun options she has available for your style choices, they’re easy to match up to your skin AND the name is Lil’s Elf Ears.  How perfect!  Yes, yes, I know they aren’t named for me, but I can live in a dream world…


Skin: Leafy
Hair: Truth
Ears: Panda Express (edited)
Makeup: Lips (Pink Fuel); Beauty Mark (cheLLe)
Necklace: Undefined Lillies
Ring: Virtual/Insanity
Top: Fishy Strawberry
FlipFlops: Maitreya

Bubblegum Weekends – Lazy Sundays…

So there’s this guy…  He’s kinda special to me, and tends to take up all my SL time.  The thing is, I’m alright with this.  It does, however, make it a little difficult to remember to slip in a blog entry.  Hence, it’s a little on the late side today.  Hope you guys don’t mind, but look at Pro!  Can you blame me?

It’s still Bubblegum Weekends time, so you know the drill.  Colorful hair!  I went with an old favorite today, pink. ♥

I wanted an overall light and summery look (I just can’t bear to make my av suffer in long sleeves when I’m dying of heat in RL), and the new-ish flipflops from maitreya were the perfect finishing touch!  They have a huge selection of colors, with both plain and print versions for each!  And then add in your options of cute anklets and you have a basic wardrobe staple for the long SL summer nights.


Skin: Pink Fuel
Hair: Rawhouse
Piercings: Plastic Flowers
Top: Fishy Strawberry
Shorts: League
Flipflops: Maitreya

And now that I’ve finished up for the day with blogging, it’s back to cuddling the Pro.  ♥  The adorable swing we got from this weekend’s Themeory item by Awesome Blossom is a great place to unwind and spend the day being sweet and staring out to sea.  There’s still a few hours left (until 12pm slt!) to get it and at 75L it’s a steal.  Hurry on to grab one! 😀

“Come away with me… And I will write you a song…”

Bubblegum Weekends – Cranky in the Mornings

I’ll be the first to tell you, I don’t wake up well.  And if that’s not believable, ask Protest.  I grumble and moan and bitch about how I just want another 15 minutes of dozing, and could he please make sure I get up in time to make it to work?  Poor man.  It’s just that when you wake up and you’re still groggy, the bed feels SO amazing.  It soothes you, cradles and comforts your tired aching body, and practically begs you to stay and cuddle until the last possible second.  I normally oblige.

So this Bubblegum Weekends post is about just that…  Not wanting to get up, being lazy in bed, and enjoying your Saturday morning.  Too bad I have to be at work in 6 hours. *grumpy face*


Skin: Pink Fuel
Hair: Illusory
Ears: Gauze
Necklace: Concrete Flowers (again!)
Dress/Shirt: Tiny Bird
Slippers: bellballs (no longer available?)

Ya know, sometimes I think…  If I had some strawberry pancakes, maybe I could look forward to mornings.